Our Mission

Michelle and Liana, Agency Aspect founders

Michelle Rose (left) and Liana Delucca Johnson (right) met while leading design teams at The North Face®. Michelle led women’s outerwear design, where she drove innovation in materials, fit and color, and championed the merging of performance and style. Liana has designed hundreds of popular backpacks, bags, specialty athlete equipment, and accessories. She is a technically trained product designer and was the equipment department's expert in women’s bags: fit, ergonomics, and user research.  We bonded over our shared passion for designing edgy and beautiful technical products for women.

We joined forces to start Agency Aspect™ and pursue our vision for equipment and apparel fostering freedom and movement in every aspect of women's lives. We’ve spent the past two years designing and refining our first collection of bags, were successfully funded on Kickstarter and are now excited to bring these bags directly to you with our online store!  We have plans to launch more bags and apparel in the near future!

Stay tuned and tell your friends and family about us!